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January 27, 2023

On Flying South: Would You?

Did you know that 350 species of North American birds every year make the arduous trek from the US and Canada to Central and South America? It’s hard to believe when you consider the logistics and physical constraints involved. Millions of birds making their way hundreds of miles over all kinds of terrain on wing-power alone! It’s insane.

Humans Migrate Too

Humans Migrate Too

That brings us to migratory birds’ human counterparts. Every year hundreds of thousands of people flee the north and fly or drive to warm, sunny, and green southern climes. People from Toronto, New York, and beyond travel South looking to escape the cold, dark winter days. Many choose the sunshine state of Florida as their warm winter destination. And why wouldn’t you? Winter in South Florida is filled with blue skies, long beach days, boating adventures, cocktails at sunset, and warm evening BBQs.

Now is the Time

Now is the Time

In this post-covid era, remote work is more popular than ever. We’ve learnt to make do with Zoom calls and home offices and have come to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that working from home offers. And what better way to take advantage of this workplace trend than ditching the ice and snow for sand and sunshine each year?

We’ve also seen more empty nesters joining us here in South Florida for the Winter. What better way to spend some quality family time together than inviting the kids down for a sunny vacation in Winter?

What If You Moved South, Period?

At SkY360, we’re used to the human migrations of winter visitors. Some visitors have bought our luxury residences and look forward to coming south all summer!

We get it. Those of us in SkY360 who have lived in northern states remember the sun sinking at 3 pm and all daylight disappearing by 4:00. Not only that, we remember the psychological impact of those short days—the depression and blues, or at the least, the blahs.

Now we all live where January temps often hit 80, and the sun doesn’t even consider going down until 5:30. Would we move back north? No, thanks!

Don’t misunderstand. There’s no disrespect of the people who reside above the 40th.

We just love the year-round Summer vacation lifestyle that living in South Florida offers, and we’re passionate about creating homes that allow our homeowners to make the most of it too.

Designed with Summer Living in Mind

We have a few different developments on the go, each with their own unique features and wow factors. One of the key components that they all have in common – our homes are designed to make South Florida living luxurious. Take SkY Beach for example. These townhomes boast an impressive rooftop terrace, complete with stunning city and water views, a full Summer kitchen and kitchen island, plus ample outdoor living space. Just imagine migrating South to spend your warm winter evenings up here:

Or we have our SkY Villa design, where everything you need to enjoy the SoFlo sunshine is right in your backyard. You’ve got a Summer kitchen complete with a BBQ grill and pizza oven, a kitchen island with ample seating, plus a striking above-ground pool with a natural gas fire feature, creating an outdoor living space you won’t want to leave.

Last but by no means least is our SkY Villa Waterfront development. This is the greatest and grandest of our designs to date. Set on 80ft of waterfront, these homes have all the ingredients imaginable for making the most of the year-round vacation lifestyle here in Lauderdale by the Sea: A pizza oven and Big Green Egg grill, a Summer kitchen with an island, a hot tub and pool lit up by natural gas fire features, and of course space to dock your boat right out in your backyard.

Taking the Plunge

If spending time here in South Florida, whether permanently or as a migratory snowbird, sounds good to you (and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t it) then get in touch with us to find out more about claiming a your very own piece of paradise down here.

You can give us a call at 954-795-3603 to schedule a walkthrough of one of our model homes.

Or have a look at our website for some more information about what we’re building and what is still available.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. And in the meantime, we hope you stay warm in these winter months!

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Get In Touch

Get in touch

Our SkY Villas Waterfront page is coming soon. In the meantime, give us a call (954-795-3603) or leave your contact details below and we’ll reach out with the latest information on this exciting new development.

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