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February 15, 2023

World Architecture that Inspired SkY’s Signature Look

There’s no doubt about it: you know a SkY360 residence when you see one. The exteriors of our South Florida luxury dwellings are unmistakable–impossibly white walls, arrow-straight lines, spacious planes, and luminous glass.

With our first collection of luxury townhomes, we established our signature brand. We’re five projects down the road from the first, and we’ve stayed true to our SKY360 look.

We’re not shy about saying so: we love our brand. More importantly, our homeowners love it. Why? Because it makes everyone think of sun-soaked beaches, sparkling blue oceans, sunsets, hammocks, and Mai Tais.

What inspired our look? Far-flung beach resort destination for sure. But it might surprise you to learn of the coastal Nordic muses that also influenced SkY360 architecture.

Ibiza, Spain: The White Island

Ibiza’s unmistakable architecture is a calling card of its historical ruling cultures—the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Moors. Traditional residential areas are jumbled-looking collections of multistory modular buildings–upright rectangles of limestone slabs, crowding together down to the coastline, all with straight lines, flat roofs, and brilliantly white-washed walls.

There is something transfixing about these colonies of homes that are so uniform in color, shape, and appearance.

We loved the simplicity of their style. Their cleanness of line. Their refreshing absence of embellishment, decoration, and color.

They reminded us of the quintessential vacation, free of clutter, pressure, and distraction. We set out to bring that feeling back home and embed it into our own SkY360 architecture.

Santorini, Greece: Sugar-Cube Houses

The homes of Santorini evoked similar feelings for us as the homes of Ibiza. Santorini’s historical architecture is Cycladic, meaning cube-shaped houses with flat roofs built next to and on top of each other.

Look at a Santorini hillside and you get the idea that someone tipped over a jar of sugar cubes and let them cascade down the mountain. Like Ibiza, these limestone-walled residences are covered in whitewash that reflects the dazzling sun.

The unadorned, clean-lined facades and glowing white exteriors set against blue-ocean backdrops again evoked for us vacation sentiments of peace, space, and relaxation. We wanted to capture that in the architecture of our South Florida SkY360 residences.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

In southern Uruguay, South America, Punta del Este is a seaside resort town known as the St. Tropez of Uruguay. Aside from its exquisite beaches and vacation relaxation spots, what caught our eye was the sprawling hillside complex called “Casapueblo.”

It won’t surprise you that Casapueblo is modular in structure with unadorned exterior walls that are uniform and brilliantly white-washed! (Unlike the straight lines of Ibiza, however, Casapueblo’s lines are Gaudi-esque with arches, curves, and whimsical if not slightly eccentric silhouettes. We chose to leave those lines in Uruguay).

Oslo, Norway, by the Opera House

Here’s where we ventured away from the sun-and-sea vacation spots for our SkY360 inspiration.

The Oslo Opera House sits in the revitalized port district of Bjørvika. This area of town has gained a reputation for its distinctive contemporary architecture characterized by crisp lines and edges, large unembellished planes, and lots of glass. We love all that.

SkY360 Architecture: Globally Inspired, Locally Developed

So, there you have it. The architecture of SkY360 residences is inspired by homes and buildings in Spain, Greece, Uruguay, and Norway. We saw features we loved abroad and brought them home.

Now we have a prestigious collection of luxury townhomes and villas in South Florida for our SkY360 family to call home.

Welcome to SkY360.

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