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November 18, 2021

Luxury Townhomes to Luxury Villas: The Journey of SkY360 Development

Picture it. You pull into your two-car garage and close the door quietly behind you. Hear the crisp  click of your shoes on the porcelain floor as you walk through your spacious living area. Reach the entrance to your backyard, pull the sliding door open, and let your shoulders relax. You hear the clink  of glasses as your spouse prepares drinks; the soft conversation of guests sitting by your private pool;  and the distant hum of a boat returning to dock in the canal, just steps from your luxury villa.

The picture you have in your mind is exactly what the SkY team started to imagine when thinking  about the next step for SkY360 Development. If you’ve ever driven down Seagrape Drive in  Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, you can’t have missed the iconic SkY Townhomes passing you by. Standing a  head above the rest and showing off all the luxury design features and finishes that SkY360 has come  to be known for, the SkY townhomes are a great source of pride for SkY360 Development. 

But What’s New About the SkY Villas?

With the construction of the last Townhomes on Garden Ct coming to an end, and innovation as a  guiding principle, the SkY team started to look beyond what they had already created, asking the  question, ‘how can we push the boundaries of what a SkY home in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea means?’.  And so the SkY Villas were born. We spoke to Kai Stadler, the developer at SkY360, to find out more  about how exactly the SkY Villas came about.

“We love the look, design and feel of our SkY townhomes, but we wanted to push  the envelope a little more. We’ve learnt a lot throughout the process of developing  those 29 townhomes, and we’ve had to adapt to new challenges like the  COVID-19 pandemic. The Villas are a product of taking everything that we’ve  learnt, including the insights we’ve gained into what’s important to our SkY  homeowners, and designing a different kind of SkY home.”

Tell us more about the SkY Luxury Villas

The SkY Villas are the largest homes in the SkY collection yet. Ranging between 3,200 and 3,800 sq.  ft. under air, all on just two levels, they offer a sense of spacious luxury that is unrivaled. The Villas  feature one en-suite bedroom on the first floor, an expansive master suite and two en-suite  bedrooms on the second floor, and a loft space that can be converted into a fifth bedroom – no  doubt there is room for the whole family. But the SkY Villas are not just about luxurious indoor  living, they also offer an expansive outdoor living space complete with a private plunge pool,  natural gas fire feature, outdoor shower, and fully-fitted Summer kitchen, making it easy to enjoy all  that South Florida weather has to offer. The Summer kitchen features a kitchen island so your guests  can sit back and enjoy a glass of wine while you cook up a storm with your natural gas-powered  Grill and pizza oven. In speaking about what makes the SkY Villas unique, Kai Stadler revealed that  the luxury outdoor living area is his personal favorite feature: 

“I could definitely see my wife and I with our kids out there, swimming in the  pool, while we entertain some friends gathered around the kitchen island or  standing by the natural gas fire feature, glass of wine in hand of course!”

How does it all come together?

Speaking to Kai and his team, we could see that the SkY Villas are a real passion project – a  culmination of their journey through designing luxury homes for people who want a piece of  paradise in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. The distinction between the Villas and Townhomes is clear – more  space, more luxury, more easy-living. But how do the Villas fit into the existing SkY community? We  asked Kai to explain a little more: 

“Well the 4 Shore Ct Villas are a part of the Shore Ct SkY community, the  homeowners will have access to the SkY pool and jacuzzi on the waterfront, and  they’ll be a part of the Homeowners Association for that group of SkY homes. But  you can also see that the SkY townhomes and villas belong to the same family.  We’ve made sure to keep all the elements that make the look of our homes so  distinctly SkY, the design of the exterior, the luxury finishes, that feeling of modern  beachside living. But we’ve also taken all of those elements, sat down as a team,  and asked the question, ‘How can we make this even better? How can we push  the boundaries just that bit more?’. And that’s what you can expect with the Villas.  They’re that one step up from what we already know and love.”

There’s no doubt that the SkY Villas are something special. A look through the SkY Villa brochure  reveals even more unique features that are a testament to the thoughtful design process that has  gone into creating the SkY Villa concept. With all that said, just one question remains – who will the  four select Villa homeowners be?

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